{{twitch_last_subscriber}} using first subscriber

1- Version: Lumiastream 6.1.2
2- System: MacOS Monterey 12.3
3- Account: Premium

5- {{twitch_last_subscriber}} will only use the name of my first subscriber. During last stream anytime subs were made it used the name of my first subscriber. Have deleted and re-added the variable in the alerts. Have triggered from within streamelements and tried getting alerts direct from Twitch. Still no change when using Source Set Text.

It writes the variable, but name is always my first subscriber, not my most recent / last.


we are looking into this. It is hard to reproduce with the testing environment of SE. But I think I found already the bugger. The Dev is after it.

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So…I am back :slight_smile:

We looked into the variable but it works fine.

Your ticket on discord is still open. Maybe you can show me a screenshot of your setup there. Maybe something about the write or read file option is wrong

No matter what I refresh, restart, or change. {{twitch_last_subscriber}} returns “KrissyJo”.

Current last subscriber is “Alexis_Machine_”

I’ll be glad to share whatever settings you need. Let me know and I’ll take a picture of it.

The Source Set text changes the source text fine, it’s the variable that isn’t changing. Where do I need to go to see the read write permissions of the variable?

:slight_smile: There is no permission for variables.

I expected you went the longer way with write file / read file.

I tested it with an OBS set source text this morning and it looked for the first moment to work like intended but then I found that something weird is going on with the variable and fwd it to the dev. So we are looking into it again :wink:

This will be fixed with the next update :wink:

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