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After 2 1/2 years of pouring my heart and soul into building a Twitch channel, 2.4k followers, 1500+ broadcast hours, 4 streams a week, helping build a 16.5k audience and secure partnership for the BootieMashup channel, and thousands of dollars worth of equipment purchased to accomplish this, I’ve been unceremoniously and “indefinitely” suspended from Twitch for a reason I don’t understand and no way to truly appeal other than a portal with a text box that asks you to “state why you are making an appeal” and then they never contact you.

It’s pretty devastating.

My fans are pissed, my community rallying support, I need to continue the streams and would like to keep using the lights I’ve purchased, along with my Lumia Stream subscription.

I’m going to start by streaming to my community directly on Discord, using OBS Studio as a virtual camera to import my scenes. I’m hoping someone here can help me find functionality for Lumiastream WITHIN Discord.

Lights I can set up and ways users can trigger them?
Discord chat bot functionality?
Alerts and possibly emotes / stickers that can be used with the Lumiastream overlay?
Commands that can be triggered in a discord channel?

Any and all assistance would be helpful and greatly appreciated at this time.

Thank you,

there is no way to do that at the moment. We are already planning on more Discord integration but that won’t be anytime soon.

Why don’t you go for YouTube, Trovo, or Glimesh? Facebook also would be a opportunity.

I’m a DJ that plays copyrighted music (Not the reason for my suspension) and Facebook & YouTube aren’t very friendly to DJs. I’ll have to look into Glimesh. While it might not be anytime soon, if you need someone to test things out in Discord, please contact me / keep me looped in. I definitely want this functionality.

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