Lumiastream not connecting

I have removed the connection and signed back in to Twitch Stream in Lumiastream.
I have removed the 0auth token on the treatstream website and then removed and readded treatstream to Lumiastream.

On my dashboard Treatstream still won’t connect and is in red.

Is there something I’m missing?

Answered on Discord

Thanks for your answer on Discord.

I’ve been sucessfully getting Treatstream orders from my viewers every Friday, so the service is still operational. However, I can’t get it to trigger the actions I have set up, seemingly Lumiastream is not recieving an alert.

(When an order is placed, I get an email and a text message from Treatstream)

Is it possible they changed the way they send alerts? They offer an obs overlay on their website that I can use, but I’d prefer to use Lumiastream.

We are honestly not sure what’s going on there.

From our end, everything seems right. We get the info we need, we send them the info they need. But you are the first to report this, so we thought it may be dead.

I will make a ticket and we have to look into it again… maybe contact them and ask what’s going on.

I would recommend, so you get your alert for now, that you use their overlay and watch the update news when we got it fixed :slight_smile:

Can you try the connection again? :slight_smile: We might have fixed it