Is there a way to Set Alert Variation State?

1- Version: 6.4.8
2- System: Mac
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot

5- Describe the issue: I’m setting up commands that toggle on / off alerts, folders, chat commands, and twitch points so when the command is triggered I’m set up correctly for each stream I do on Twitch. Ultimately trying to automate it.

It doesn’t seem there is an option to set alert states that have variations. Would make my life a lot easier if I could. Am I maybe missing something? Is there a way to do this?

If you turn off Subs then also the variations will be off, i.e.

Yes, I get that I can turn alerts on and off entirely. To be clear, I’m wanting to toggle specific variations while leaving the alert on.

I do four twitch streams a week all with different alerts, commands, twitch points, etc. An example would be setting a chat command that would turn off the raid alert variation for my Sunday show and enable the raid alert for my Monday show.

I’m hoping to reclaim the time I take before (or at the end of) each show toggling alerts and commands to prepare for the next stream.

So, to rephrase the same question, is there a way to toggle individual alert variations?

Sorry for the delay.

We picked this up as an idea and will see when we can integrate such a feature :wink:
At the moment you can only control the whole alert complete.

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