How to use Lumia Actions

Lumia Actions help you, and especially your mods, to organize your stream and Lumia.

This feature will allow you to do things like send messages to discord using webhooks, allow chat/mods to turn on/off commands as they see fit, show a system notification when you get a chat message, write to a file, and even the ability to update variables on the fly.

We have two places we can use Lumia Actions, In an alert or in chat command. For this tutorial we will be using chat commands for this. But if you head to Alerts > Twitch > Stream Live > Advanced, you’ll see the same Lumia Action options in each alert.

Now in the Command you’ll see a new tab called Lumia Actions. Select that and press Type to see the different options we can choose. For our first command let’s just setup a command that our mods can use to disable a chat command.

Select Set Command, choose your command and since we want to disable this command leave the checkbox unchecked. Press Add Lumia.

Now back to our General tab we’ll set this command to no lights change and set the name to disable-me. We also only want to allow ourself and mods to trigger this in the User Levels.

In Dynamic options we want this to be instant so we will skip the queue here.


That’s it. So now if we try it out you’ll see that the command gets disabled when we type !disable-me in chat