How to add Viewers to User Levels with a Lumia Action

With Lumia Actions, you can give your mods the ability to perform tasks directly in the chat.
E.g. add viewers to a certain user level.

What user levels are and how to use them you can learn here: User Levels - Video Tutorial by Lumia Stream
How to create User Levels and how to use them

To do this go to Commands → Chat commands → Add Command.

Here you give your command a name. Let’s call it new-vip.
The rest of the settings you can adjust according to your taste.
Change User Levels to only User and Mod, so that nobody else can execute this command.

Now go to Lumia Actions in the upper tab.

There we select as Type Add Username To User Level, then we select our desired User Level from the dropdown, in our example I take LumiaStaff.
In the Username field enter {message}}. (This variable will take your written text, but ignore the command).

Click on ADD ACTION, then on APPLY and on Refresh.

Now you or your mods can add viewers to the user level by typing in the chat: !new-vip samwilsontv.


Of course, you can also have people removed from the user level. To do this, simply select Remove Username From User level under Lumia Actions.