Account Issues After Update

1- Version: 5.3.0
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible (not possible)

5- Describe the issue:

Ever since updating to the new version, the Premium account I paid $20 for in August 2021 is nowhere to be seen. All of my setup has been reset and all of the settings that I am used to are behind a paywall now. I paid $20 for 6 months of Premium and just like that, because of an update everything is wiped and now I need to pay again? I need resolution here.

Did you change your email adress by any chance? The settings are saved in the cloud and cannot get lost. Maybe you logged in via Twitch and forgot that you changed the email or something? This is just a first solution to try. Deeper looks a staff member will come to you.

Thank you Sam for suggesting trying a different email. When I was going through all of this, the ‘forgot my password’ function wasn’t sending an email to that specific address so I figured it wasn’t the one that was registered. All good now!

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Not sure if i’m using this forum right. but my lumia is not connecting to twitch plus im being told im on the free plan when im on the premium. any help? .

Please create a new issue. This thread has been resolved