Account issue after update

1- Version: latest
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue: my lumia is not connecting to twitch plus im being told im on the free plan when im on the premium. any help? .

Have a look here: Account Issues After Update

Edit: It’s a link! Just noticed that its very secretly looking.

nothing. there. i haven’t changed a single thing. im paying for premium and the app is saying im on the free and promoting the paid service to me even though im paid and up to date.

im logged in as normal. paid my sub a few days ago and the software is stating im a free user and restricting everything

I understand. Someone with deeper admin has to look into this. We will get you back on track M8.

@djvolatile please login with the original account you signed up with. You most likely created a separate account by logging in with your platform the second time

doesn’t work. i can even see mypaid invoices so it’s the right account. just thinks im a free user.

sorry to bump this… bit desperate. my stream relies on the triggers.

Could you please create a support ticket on the discord, we’ll need some personal information