Why don't my chat commands work?

There could be a few things causing this. Here are some common fixes:

1- Make sure your platform is connected by going to

Connections > Platforms and press Add New Connections

2- Make sure you’re using an exclamation point or your global key before you enter a command. You can change your Global Key by going to

Commands > Global Settings > Global Key

3- Make sure Global State is on by going to

Commands > Global Settings > Global State

4- Check whether you have toggled any restrictions and disable them. You can do this by heading to

Commands > Global Settings > Restrictions and turn Restrictions off

5- Make sure your User Levels are selected for your commands

Commands > Edit your commands and make sure the commands have the correct User Levels set

7- Disable ‘Whispers only’ if it has been toggled

Commands > Global Settings > Whisper