What is Lumia Stream Overlays

Overlays are used by Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook streamers to represent a particular style or theme on their channel and create an eye-catching and interactive streaming experience for viewers. Displaying the channel name, eye-catching colors, and even using subtle animations can be key to creating a unique and branded overlay.

An overlay is extremely helpful in differentiating your channel from other streamers.

As one of the most noticeable features during your stream, an overlay serves many purposes, such as announcing recent interactions during the live broadcast and promoting your social media platforms. This helps bridge the gap between you and your audience.

Overlays also display various key elements based on the streamer’s needs. For example, the overlay can display the donor’s name and amount if a viewer submits a donation. This, in turn, prompts the steamer to thank them for the donation. These are usually called stream labels.

Social media handles can be added to the overlay and are a great way to keep your viewers updated across multiple platforms.

Since Lumia Stream version 6.2 we now have our own overlay system, which makes it much easier to keep overlay and Lumia Stream in sync.

You can now e.g. perfectly tune your Alertbox without having to rely on multiple programs or websites.

Also, we have developed a complete Shoutout System, which even allows Youtuber and Facebook streamers to produce Shoutouts including videos. Of course, the same is true for Twitch.

Now you just have to integrate the predefined shoutout box into your overlay and Lumia Stream will automatically recognize which platform the shoutout comes from and fill this box with the corresponding video. Of course, you can still fine-tune the settings yourself, such as the length of the shoutout, the volume, and what the chatbot says about it.

Goals can now also be set up directly in Lumia Stream and can be tuned with the tried and tested Goal alert from Lumia. This way you won’t miss any highlights anymore.

The Lumia Stream Overlay features are listed below:

  • Alerts: A customizable alert box for all platforms and alert types.

  • Text box: Bring your texts to the screen and make them shine with your light animations in different colors through the new virtual light.

  • Basic Goals: In addition to the predefined Goals, you can create your very own.

  • Image: Show your images on the canvas. Additionally, you can make them change color with the virtual lights.

  • Audio: Play special audios directly over your overlay

  • Video box: Create commands and combine them with video memes. You can even add color here with virtual lights.

  • Slideshow box: Insert multiple images or videos and play them one after the other. Perfect to promote your social channels.

  • Shapes: Give your stream expression with different icons, all compatible with virtual lights*.

  • Labels: Add your labels to your overlay and show your follower count or who ordered merch last. You don’t need to do anything else. Everything you add to Lumia Stream will be shown to you here automatically.

  • Goals: Predefined goals that make it easy for you to create your own goals.

  • Browser sources: Here you can e.g. present a web page or show a video from your server.

  • Chatbox: Transmit your chat directly into the stream, so that viewers in full-screen mode can also see what’s going on in the chat.

  • Shoutout and Clips: The ultimate shoutout box. Show your viewers that you are grateful for the support and help partner streamers grow.

But that’s not all by a long shot.

With the new HUD mode, you can have the overlay transferred directly to your main screen.
This opens up completely new possibilities, such as keeping an eye on the chat without always having to turn your head to the second monitor, or using jumpscares and memes, which are then displayed directly above the game, to produce more viewer activity.