What are virtual lights and how to use them?

Virtual lights is a brand new feature of Lumia Stream.
This makes tinkering in OBS with the legacy overlay and multisource effects a thing of the past. Now you can easily add a virtual light to your text, images, or videos, which will reflect the colors of your scenes, reactions, or animations.

After you create a virtual light, it will be treated like all your other lights. So you can see it for example in your light management under Manage Lights.

Now you can add this virtual light, which you can name according to your taste, to your creations.

After you have added it you can assign this light to a text box, a video box, a shape, or an image box in the Overlay Editor.

If you don’t select extra lights, it is always active together with all the others

If you trigger a command, e.g. red, your entered text also lights up red.

For videos and images, we have added a color picker that allows you to select a specific color in the layer so that only that part takes on the color of your trigger.