Videosource embedding

An option like the sound option to set up a video synched to an animation or command aso

Can you go more in depth with this. Do you mean playing it with obs when an animation/command is triggered?

Yeah…i.e. what I just setup with a mediasource but hard to synch. A channel point redemption to trigger a musical audio of me. Now to give it a bit visual impression (I did Be our guest all voices of Beauty and the beast) I put the original video sequence to it. So my song gets triggered via VoiceMod and the video gets triggered via OBS scene visibility. But you can never synch them like this. I could now make a video and merge them… but thought maybe its an idea for an integration. Of course I have no clue if thats even possible :smiley: I just suggest it ^^

What would be ideal is to have Lumia trigger a video overlay that could ALSO have sound. I believe overlay capability is already in the app for the light color overlay. Allowing media files to be displayed through it would be helpful for sure

You can already trigger a mediasource on OBS via Lumia. You would only need to use the source scene visibility and set the media source in OBS on “loop when active” i.e.
After thinking of my idea I think it was a to quick thought as you can achieve that all already with triggering OBS sources and scenes. Maybe its not too bad if some things stay outsourced.

The problem with OBS sources is that if you have multiple scenes like me you would need to have it trigger that source on every single scene (unless there is a way to source link that I’m not aware of)

Having it all come from a single overlay would allow you to simply apply that overlay to each scene and get your effect with much less hassle

I never tried this but it should be possible to set them all in one command. At end you put all to invisible again. I would trigger then all the sources (one after another, not at once) but should work likes this in every scene…maybe with a ms delay