Variable obs last vertical backtrack path is throwing an error

Hello there,
I am trying to use the backtrack functionality from the vertical plugin in OBS.
In OBS the backtrack is working fine, I get my vertical clips in my folder.
But everytime when I create a new clip lumia is showing me an error that the path to the folder is not set correctly. The variable in lumia keeps empty.
I changed the folder name, I also changed the drive but the error still remains.

What is the folder path?

currently somthing like C:/Users/timur/Desktop/obs clips/vertical
But changed it also to a path without spaces, or another drive where I can be sure to have full access on it.

I would actually recommend to join us on Discord as it is easier to share info Lumia Stream

But show me your command and what you set up in it (like the OBS part)