User Levels bug

Hello to the awsome lumia stream team.
Thank you for this wonderfull tool guys. I have a subscription and I am so happy with this app that I will upgrede to lifetime.

I have found a bug or some sort and I am sending it to you to address it if you can. I use user levels a lot. I have created several custom user levels that I insert or delete users through lumia actions “add to user level” or “delete from user level” actions. The add and delete actions work fine. It adds the users from my chat that I want. What does not work is that the command does not recognize the users in some of my custon users levels. Not to all of them. But some of them.

For example. I have a user level “speak” that anyone who is in there, can write a command and hear his message in me livestream (Text To Speach). I also have a user level called “speak once” that I insert the users that I want to use this command once, and in the sommand, I delete their name from this user level. I use both “speak” and “speak once” to the !say command. So anyone who is in speak user level, will remain there and use the command without limits and anyone who is in the speak once user level, will be deleted after the !say command executes from the specific user.

As I already metioned, the insert and delete from user level action, works fine. The command can be executed from the user level “speak” just fine, but it does not execute if the user name is in the speak once user level.

I have tried deleting and recreating the user levels, but it did not fix the problem. It still deos not execute the command, even if the user name is in one of the user levels that I defined for this sommand.

This is a general problem and not specific to the !say command I used as an example.

Can you please look into it? This is an AWSOME feature and it gives us a great tool to setup our stream to our needs.

Thank you for your time.
Panagiotis Milas from Greece.
Love and peace from me and my four dogs :brown_heart::pray::dog:

P.S - sorry for my bad English

Kalispera Panagiotis,

that’s actually an awesome setup you created. I never heard that someone uses that feature this intense.

To your problem. If you say the insert and kick do work flawlessly I got a suspicion that could be the bugger.

Put before your “delete from user level” action a delay of 5 seconds. I guess Lumia kicks the user out of the level before it registers that they may use the command.

If that doesn’t work, tell me and I will look deeper. :wink:

Hello Sam!
“Kalispera kai se esena” (Goodevening to you to)
Thank you so much. I am very proud of my stream and its always nice to hear someone agnoliging the hard effort and the handrends of hours I spent for my setup. So, thank you.
At the end of the message I am sharing with you why my stream is so important, and how your platform helps me save animals and help people.

As for your solution, Its not a matter of delay. I insert the user to the user list from different commands. To be more specific, I insert the user to the apropriate user level through the Trovo Spells. For example, if someone donates a “winner” elixir (100) I insert the user to the “speak once” user level. If he donates a “super good” elixir (5000), I insert the user to the “speak” user level.

The !say command has both “speak” and “speak once” user levels. So everytime someone uses this command, I delete his name from the “speak once” user level. If the user is not there, the app does nothing, so its ok. If the user is in both “speak” and “speak once” user levels, he will be deleted from the “speak once” but he will continue to have access to the sommand through the “speak” user level. If the user is only in the “speak once” user level, then anytime he will use the !say command, his name will be deleted and he wont have access.

As you can see, there are different commands that insert and delete users. So the delay will not help.

I have many more implementations of your tools. I will be happy to show you through a discord screen share if you have like and if you have the time of course.

I also have many ideas that you may find intresting. I have a fairly advanced livestream and I am alwyas looking for ways to make it better. I have used extensivly your tools and I have some suggestions and ideas if you allow me to share with you.

Thank you so much for your immediate answer, and for writing “kalispera” to me. It really made me smille.

Looking forward to your reply.
Panagiotis Milas and my four dogs.

P.S -
I know its out of topic, but I would like to share it with you. I am an activist. My livestream’s goal is to help animals and homeless people. In real life, I have saved over 600 dogs from abusive owners and I have changed the law of Greece, and not animal abuse is a felony and has jail time up to 10 years. I also have done many events for sick children and homeless people in Ahtens.

Now my new goal is to save animals and help people, through the gaming world. GTA RP is a platform that I can do charity streams. Its a virtual world so its not being affectd by distance, weather, traffic, strikes and so many other things that affect an event that reqires your phisical presence. I have just started this effort, and already we have saved a dog in real life, throug the GTA RP world. Your platform has helped me do that, by making me stream more intresting for the community. So I am Greatfull for that. Just wanted to share it with you guys.

These are two videos that will help you understand better than my bad English what I do. Both these videos have subtitles. Just turn them on.

Would you mind to join us on discord and open a ticket? Just message there that you are the Greek from the forums if your username is different there :slight_smile:

Then I can pull in your settings and have a look into it and try to reproduce it. I feel I miss something in your explanation :wink:

Hello Sam.
I have joined the server and I opened a ticket.
Panagiotis Milas is my name in discord as well.
There are many more bugs I want to report and many more ideas I would like to share with you.