Unable to connect smart plug

Can anyone help me in getting lumia stream to connect to Kasa Smart WiFi Plug Mini by TP-Link (this device is listed as compatible with lumia). I have successfully connected the device on my network and can control it via mobile app. However, I cannot get lumia stream to see and add the device to my connections. I have successfully connected other devices (lights) without issue. Please advise.

Thank You.

One thing is: Give them a static IP. So they don’t get lost once we have them in.

Then there are several troubleshooting.

The easiest is to try with 5GHz Wifi disabled. We learned that some routers seem to have a problem with that.

If that doesn’t work you could connect your PC to Wifi and search for them. If you find them you can go back to wired again. You could also install Lumia temporary on a Laptop (because of the Wifi)

The roughest solution is to delete them in Lumia. Delete them in the Yeelight app. Reset the light and connect them from scratch. And hope then Lumia finds them.