Twitter Alerts and DM feature

I am currently setting up my alerts regarding Twitter.

I have managed to make the chatbot work as I require with slobs for each time I get a follower on Twitter, but having trouble trying to use the send a dm feature.

I feel I am misunderstanding the feature please tell me what I am doing wrong.

i am wanting to send the follower a thanks message and to tell them I’m live on twitch.

king regards

Hi… I don’t think you do something wrong :wink:

I was able to reproduce this. I have just to check back if it is us or Twitter’s end doing an error :wink:

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thanks, I have tried to troubleshoot the issue

if I type the name manually in the replicant box it works.

not sure it helps, but hey lol

Okay… we found the issue. It is indeed on our end. So, unfortunately, I have to ask you for patience until the new version comes out. Then it will be fixed.

I had a look around but there is not even a workaround I could offer you :frowning:

Btw…the message you received was my testing of the fix :smiley:

:rofl: i thought it was.

I had my first stream yesterday using the software, I found i had to turn stream mode on and off to refresh everything every now and again is this normal? (it was a 24 hour stream so my system was screaming at me)

You would need to explain why you had to turn stream mode on and off?

the chatbot and commands kept stopped working, but don’t worry about it I personally think it was my pc having a hard time as it started to happen during the 13th hour :slight_smile:

ill be testing it with a normal shorter stream tomorrow

Most likely it is the Twitch token that didn’t renew automatically. Usually, you shouldn’t notice that. But we are improving every version the “requests” as they ever so often change things in their APIs. In a normal 5 hour stream you shouldn’t face such issues.

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