TTS No Longer Working

1- Version: 7.5.0
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Basic
4- Screenshot if possible


5- Describe the issue: TTS is no longer working for me. It gives me an error “Ran into an error playing audio. Make sure the audio exists at this path: TTS-Justin”. I have the TTS set for alerts on Kick. I have tried to change the audio output devices in Settings, and this did not help.
Up until recently, it worked fine. It just stopped working on it’s own, possibly after some update. Now the TTS plays no sound when it gives this API error.
If I switch the voice to one of the [VM] voices or Microsoft voices, it works. The other [SL] ones do not. And the ones that do work seem to have a significant delay before they play.

Can confirm. Same issue for me.

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This is fixed with 7.5.1

I’m still seeing this error, although I think the Kick TTS alerts are working as best I can tell so far:
Version: 7.5.1