TTS for Bit alerts does not include {{message}} variable

The Text to Speech options for Twitch Bit alerts does not include the {{message}} variable that other options do like Subscriber TTS alerts.

I would like to be able to put this in the message template: {{username}} cheered {{amount}} bits! {{message}}

(I have to use the stream elements TTS to include the message that the person sending bits said with their bits. :slight_smile: )

You have to use {{prompt}} and select the extension option Require user to enter a message to redeem


This isn’t an extension, it is Alerts > Twitch > Bits

Oh sorry, my bad.

Try this variable {{full_message}}. I have to talk with the dev what’s going on there. He changed some but that shouldn’t affect you already.

Thank you, I’ll put that in there and give it a shot, it isn’t in the variable list, so fingers crossed!

Ok, testing that, it didn’t work :frowning: It says “test” instead of the message.

Yeah… Test always comes up when it isn’t working.

Just talked with the dev and it should be {{message}}. We really don’t know why it is gone for you in 6.1.7 (I assume you are on the latest release :slight_smile: )

But yeah…don’t worry… 6.2 beta is just a matter of days… actually of hours. If OBS hadn’t been released yesterday, it would already be out, but now we have to include WebSocket 5.

So I would ask for some patience :slight_smile:

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absolutely! excited for the update :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time!