@Target variable for Chatbot?

1- Version: 6.4.0
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
5- Describe the issue:

Is there an @Target variable for chat bot that I am missing? Trying to add commands such as !hug where the chatbot will in turn say “@sender gave @target a hug”.

There is an option to have a variable for the sender. But i see nothing for the target.

Only place i see a target option is in the premade shoutout command, But this can not be duplicated.

Anyone know anything I don’t? or it this not in yet?

You would use {{message}}

{{message}} is the text after a command. {{username}} hugs {{message}} = !hugs Sam would come out like Doit hugs Sam or Doit gave Sam a hug = {{username}} gave {{message}} a hug

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