Support for Fast mode on Zigbee Compatible lights with Hue Bridge

1- Version: 6.0.2
2- System: Windows 11
3- Account: Basic
4- Screenshot

5- Describe the issue: I am using some philips hue rgb strips as part of my existing setup and recently purchased some zigbee 3.0 compatiable GU10 bulbs to add to my stream lighting. Whenever I try and enable fast mode in lumia stream with these bulbs it gives the following error and using them without fast mode is a very laggy experience. Is there any plans to implement fast mode for zigbee lights with philips hue or will it be limited to the expensive philips lights?

Hi, I will check back with the dev but I assume that the lights just don’t support fast mode. Fast Mode for Zigbee is there as you can see, but the hardware needs to support it. What lights are the cheap ones?

Yeah…I checked back and the main problem is not the light itself. It is Philips API which doesn’t allow other brands to use their fast mode.

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