Stream Deck connected to Lumia Stream returns: TEST changed lights to TEST

1- Version: 6.1.3.
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible:
Screenshot 2022-04-07 113811

5- Describe the bug: I have connected the Stream Deck to Lumia Stream. I have a button set “Lumia Stream Command”. Now when I press that button everything works great except in the chat Lumia Stream writes: TEST changed lights to TEST. Can this be changed?

Before I had my Stream Deck set to just write down a command in the chat which triggered Lumia Stream. But it’s much nicer to have it directly connected to Lumia Stream and don’t have the need to write down that command in chat to activate that command.

Any help appreciated.

Hi, sorry for the delay. I had to do some research.

You can avoid the TEST for the {{username}} when you use i.e. {{username=sam}}. That means if Lumia gets triggered and has no username to catch it will use “sam”. But still gets the username of a chatter using the command.

The {{command}} coming out as TEST seems to be a bug and will be fixed.

Hi Sam,

No problem, thanks for the reply. Though I do not understand how to integrate this {{username=oelomatic}} since I just use the “Command” from the Stream Deck integration (see screenshot).

Do I need to add another action to Stream Deck to activate this command and able to use {{username=oelomatic}}?

Thanks in advance.

Screenshot 2022-04-11 103029

You use the Lumia Stream app to set up your commands

Ah! Cool. That fixed it. Thanks Sam!

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