Spotify song skipped alert

1- Version: 6.2.6
2- System: Windows 10 Pro
3- Account: Free Trial ( so premium?)

Hello, so I’ve run into this thing being a problem only also while playing Lost Ark just now, however Lumia restart was weirdly enough to fix it.
Whenever song was skipped I had a " / " being put into a chat. No matter what way I was trying to display the song name all the possible ways: Snip or Tuna plugin also the Lumia’s recommended way. Always had " / " show in chat ergo stopping also my actions in game since I had chat box active.
As said I tried skipping songs while discord was active window and I did not get a “key input” into chat, so that was weird. Dont know if it is worth posting or looking into it since I shouldnt have bothered trying to fix it, but start with a Lumia restart, but still. Really liked Lumia during that free trial so probably will buy it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I am not really sure what should cause this from Lumia’s end w/o having setup something like that.
I think the best would be to join our discord and make a ticket, so we can look deeper in your settings.