Spotify request by url

Hi i wanna create a command for example !sr Spotify link

So like !sr Spotify

Someone a Idea to do this

Greetings krykofox

Hi… just create a chat command named sr and enable the chatbot. Then use the given variables or use your own. When you click the little red icon you find the vatiables you need.

hmm i tried your idea but that is the responding but can get !sr or channel point working witth full song link to quee do you have ideas maybe or do i something wrong hope you can help

First thing: I didn’t mean you have to reply here but in community support in discord :slight_smile: Sorry if you got that wrong. But now we are here.

Second thing: Mybe I got your initial request wrong: I thought you want to display the URL…

Well for songrequests you don’t need the URL… just put keywords in like Radio Gaga Queen and it will find the song if it is on spotify.

Unfortunately there is no way that the api can understand the search for an url

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