Source Filter Visibility Set Bug

1- Version: 6.4.8
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the bug:

I was setting up some Twitch Command Points and initially I was able to access a filter for one of my webcams to accomplish a pixelization effect.

It worked once and then it would display the options correctly in the drop down list.

It said no option available.

I shutdown OBS and Lumia Stream to reset everything and same result.

The other weird thing is the scene name changes to the source name which selecting a source.

With the next version we will change the fields a bit to avoid misunderstandings.

Ignore the scene field. Type your nested Scene name (from your explanation I guess it’s a nested scene) into the source field. Case-sensitive. Then your filter option will appear.
You have to enter the full name, there will be no dropdown.

Background: Since OBS 28 scenes and sources are handled the same “under the hood” of WebSockets.

Hey Sam,

It’s not a nested scene, it’s just a normal scene. I can type in the source name, ie: Camera 1

But it’s not showing the available filter options.

Even if I save and then try to edit the entry, same deal. When I first tried to set it up initially it did display the filter and I could test it.

Right after that it broke.

NOTE: To add more info, it’s not showing filter options for anything.

Can you show me your OBS sources windows with that source, please?

Yes I can, one moment.

By the way I ported all of my channel points over to Lumia Stream. Much better :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is what I’m trying to control.

All I want to do is turn the ShadeFilter on/off.

Okay… but can you also screenshot the sources please

Just to make sure…

You have chosen the source Camera 1 in Lumia through the dropdown? Not the scene and not typed in?

Choosing it through the drop down didn’t make any difference. Same behaviour.

Anything I can do to work around this?

I am at the moment clueless what the problem could be.

Is this OBS27 or 28? Websocket 4 or 5?

Everything else works as intended?

I’m running OBS 28 and Websocket 5

Everything else is working perfectly. It’s just the filter visibility option having an issue.

Oh…I think what it is. A bug we already fixed for the next version which is quite strange.

Put your type → select the source → scene should also change to the same name → and filter does show “no option” → now only click into the scene field → click in filter → filter should show

I knew it had to be a bug!

But your suggestion did work. Thanks

Perfect :slight_smile:

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