Smartlife unable to connect

Since last weekend Lumia Stream is unable to connect with Smart life! Does anyone have the same problem?

Same problem here. Tuya is currently unusable. It has been at least one entire month.
I will drop my subscription if it’s not fixed soon, because I heavily depend on this solution and will look elsewhere if it’s no longer an option.

It would be nice if the app itself told us Tuya was down instead of quietly showing the little tucked away icon on the dashboard - this failure state needs a notification.

Last but not least when I try to reset my Tuya connection: I cannot change the country drop-down. It continuously reverts to USA.

Furthermore I don’t know if the team is interested in getting bug reports anymore since the bugs category is locked for me. This is highly concerning.

Thanks for the reply, that means that i’m or my system don’t have a problem… i also use tuya only ligths connected to my stream and if it’s not fixed soon i’l be searching for other solution! i agree that it should have a error message for the “not connecting” you see it only if you go to the dashboard! hope it’s fixed because i really like lumia stream.