Show Stored Presets from WLED within Lumia Stream

I finally got my ws2812b light project done and have been playing with Lumia Stream for control, along with my Hue lights.
The latest beta of WLED is working great with Lumia Stream, but the WLED options in LS are fairly limited compared to the WLED app or web interface.
I think instead of trying to add a ton of new controls and options into LS, it would be faster and easier to have LS check the WLED controller for saved presets, and maybe have them in a dropdown the user can select from.
That way, users can use the app/web interface to build out their effects, save as presets, then just grab those presets for use in Lumia.


what you’re looking for are themes: Studio Themes - Tutorial - YouTube

LumiaStream doesn’t show any of your WLED presets, just a limited version of the pre-programmed effects and 2 color choices. It doesn’t even have a setting for choosing default color palette for certain effects like Fire.

The segment options aren’t there either, so the Theme options are super limited vs. what you can control in WLED.

Here’s a pic of them side by side.

As you can see, it would be a lot easier to be able to pull a list of WLED presets than implement that entire UI.

Do you have multiple wled lights?

Nope. Not yet anyways.