Set Timing of Colorchange does not work

Sorry English is not my native language. I will try my best to explain my problem as good as possible.

I am using a Govee RGBIC Wi-Fi LED
1- Version: 5.5.1
2- System: Windows/Mac > Windows
3- Account: Basic/Premium > Basic
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the bug: The Lights flash way too slow. I did use another China LED before, which used the timings exactly. I did check the Govee settings and they can Flash very fast.

I do have a Police lighting as well. (pic of setting will follow, only may upload one pic)

This one flashes very slow too.
User can use Channelpoints to trigger the police efect. A sound will be played and the lights used to flash nearly at the same speed as the sirene. Now it doesnt look like a police light anymore :frowning:

Am I doing anything wrong? Should’nt be since it worked before.

Thank you in advance for any advise

You set the duration way too low for Govee… Govee can’t make a change below 1 second. So 3 seconds on your RGB reaction is the minimum requirement.

Thank you for your Input SamWilsonTV

Hmm, that is confusing. Because when you use the Govee home app and go to the “Scene” Tab, you will find the theme “Thunderstorm”. It flashes way faster then anything I have used before. Other themes, have very fast color changes. So I thought it cannot be the LED, it must be the Lumia App…Hmmm

So I do not get, why Govee cannot do this, while a very cheap Asia LED is doing it just fine.

Well first… Govee is a very cheap Asia LED :slight_smile:

And everything you say is right BUT we can only offer what they give to us. Their API is very cheap build and doesn’t allow things like fast mode and transitions. They can do that but they limit us.
We apply to everyone using Govee to use their socials to reach out to Govee and tell them that this is not nice :slight_smile:

We tried to get them lower the limits but with no success…unfortunately

Ahh, now I understand. Thank you for explaining this in detail.
I guess I give this LED to my daughter then and buy the other one again :wink:

Or can you recomend some RGBIC LED?

What is the other one again? :slight_smile:

Well… you can say the more expensive the better.

LIFX and Philips Hue are the ones working best and easiest with Lumia.
Most other brands don’t allow fast mode or smooth transitions.

On this site we listed the features of different brands: