Scenes am I missing something?

1- Version: 6.1.7
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
5- Describe the issue:
I am sure I am missing something obvious but I am trying to get me scenes to behave correctly. When ever I choose a scene that is not my default scene the scene changes for a couple of seconds and then reverts back to the default scene.
I have a set up where I need light in different locations at different times so I want a to be able to use scenes that switch lights off and on in areas as and when I am using them.
I am using a stream deck to control the scenes and my light brands are Tuya and Govee.

Could you help

I am not sure if that helps and is what you want but try Dynamic default:

Go to default state → tick the check box Turn dynamic default on

Give me feedback if that fits your needs :wink:

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