Revert To Previous Color Not Default

1- Version: 5.5
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue: So I have different multi-actions set up on my Stream Deck to change to a scene in OBS and change my LIFX and Nanoleaf lights to a certain color to match the game I am playing. What I want is to be able to set up Lumia so that if the lights change momentarily from a Streamelements alert or from a certain chat command, that they will go back to what they were before the alert and not the “Default State”, as I am not sure I can set up multiple default sates depending on the scene. Is there any way this can be accomplished?

“Turn on dynamic default” under Default State :wink:

But you can also have a static default and only put “permanent default” in certain commands you want to become default.
Dynamic default doesnt work with reactions, alerts and animations.

So if you have command “Blue” it would become default. But command “Green” wouldn’t. “Red” again could become default.

If you put the global dynamic default on (first option I mentioned) then all color or scene commands become default.

Maybe I didn’t explain well enough. I’ll use a real world example.

I have a Stream Deck multi action for when I am playing Ruined King. It transitions to my PC game scene in OBS, it changes one of my LIFX lights to blue, one to green, and my Nanoleaf lines to a variety of greens. I have a chat command set up that if a moderator in chat uses !fire, a Lava Animation plays on my lights for 10 seconds. At the end of those 10 seconds, I would like my LIFX lights to return to one green one blue, and my Nanoleaf lines to the variety of greens to continue matching the game.

None of the “Default Light States” or Dynamic Default seem to allow for that. The only way I can see to do it is to rerun my multi action on my Stream Deck. Is there a way to return lights to the state they were in before a command or alert was run?

Your best bet is to always have lumia manage your default states. Just setup a theme/scene with lumia that the streamdeck triggers and that way lumia will always know what state it needs to revert back to.

Otherwise there’s no way to know the state that other apps are changing the lights to

Yeah…what Ahad said :wink:

You can also change your OBS scene with the Lumia command :slight_smile:

Create a scene with your colors (you can manage which light should use which color). So you have your scene “Ruin” i.e.

Go to Commands->Chat and add a command

Select as type “scene” and value “ruin”

On the top you have some tabs ( you need to have OBS connected with Lumia under Connections)
Choose OBS and set your scene there.
In the tab dynamic options you can choose permanent default.

If I understood right you only use this for this one game as default? Because with the way I just wrote down you can still have another default state to switch to if you i.e. gor for a “Chat only” scene.

So call this command “fire”. You can now set this as a Lumia command button in your streamdeck and you mod can still “!fire” in chat.
I would recommend another button on streamdeck with “Back to default” and you can easily change your lights to whatever you set as Default state. :slight_smile:

It sounds a lot of work but after you done it you will see it is a 2 minute setup.

We are here to help if you need

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