Redeem Twitch Points not working [HFX]

1- Version: 6.2.6
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the bug:

Hello, I created overlay, + HFX layer and I created Twitch Points for it and it works.
But my problem is, that If I close Lumia Stream and I use Twitch Point reward, that it appear in table on twitch, where I can accept or return points tu user.

But when I open Lumia and viewers use this Twitch point reward, that it will not appear in twitch, that
I am not able return points to user.

Is there any way to return points to user in Lumia Stream software?


// update, sorry I fond settings Auto Fill Request was ON. U can delete this BUG, it is not a BUG