Reactions: Transition not working as expected (using HomeAssistant)

Version: 5.5.1
System: Windows 10
Account: Basic

Describe the issue:
I recently switched from using Philips Hue to Home Assistant with a ConBee II stick. Before I used the Transition option in the Reactions Editor to achieve smooth transitions between colors, which worked fine. After switching to Home Assistant and reassigning the lights the transitions dont work anymore. They just produce a very pale colored light. For example I had a rainbow animation (Reaction) with vibrant colors and the transition set to 0.5s. Now its more like a white-ish light during the whole animation. Setting the transition to 0.0s works, but I’d like to have the smooth animation back. Any ideas?

Switching from Hue to HAss means you still use the Hue bridge? Or did you even change the bulbs?

No Hue Bridge anymore, Home Assistant with a ConBee II Stick connected to it. The Lights are the same.

I did some more testing and it seems like the transitions take way longer than what its set to. For example, after a reaction i automatically switch to the default scene with a transition of 1 second. In reality it takes about 40 seconds to transition to it, it fades very slowly. If i set the transition to 0.1s, it takes about 4s to get there. It seems to be like that throughout the whole program. This would explain why the rainbow animation looks almost white, as the r, g and b leds are on all the time because of the too slow transition.
Might this be a bug?

The dev is investigating but we think that transitions might not work properly due to their api.

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