Razer Naga Pro Wireless Mouse keeps reverting to rainbow effect

1- Version: 6.16
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue:

I have many Razer Chroma components- keyboard, mousepad, speakers all with rgb effects. As well as a nanoleaf canvas and hue lights. The only one I’m having an issue with is the Razer NAGA Pro wireless mouse. I believe what is happening is after the mouse is idle for a period of time (whatever you have set in razer software power settings) when the mouse wakes up it reverts to a rainbow effect while the other devices remain with the selected color in Lumia.

Not sure why it switches to a rainbow effect but if you reenable a scene in Lumia it works properly again before the same things happen after a period of being idle. It always reports in Razer software that Lumia has control of the lighting. Is this a common issue with wireless mice and is there any way around this?

Hi… that is cause by the Wifi-sleep mode. Happens as well with my Basilisk. I can only guess that it is the internal memory starting the default light on the mouse w/o even looking for anything other settings. Unfortunately, you can’t turn the sleep-mode completely off. So the only solution is to wait until something is triggered by Lumia or manually go back to default.

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Ok, one way around this may to have an automated task to run every 15 minutes or so to reenable the current lumia scene settings, but I haven’t found a way to tell it just to reenable the current settings, only to trigger a certain scene.

You can create an automation with a Value Type of to default

Thanks, I will try that

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