Potential Incompatibly with Razer Streaming Companion App

1- Version: Latest and Greatest
2- System: Windows/Mac -Windows 10
3- Account: Basic/Premium - Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue: When using Razer Streaming Companion App to control Razer Emote Display, Lumia Stream no longer can control lights connected to Razer Synapse. In Razer Synapse when running Razer Streaming Companion App, the companion App then is in control of any lights connected to Razer Synapse. This seems to be more or less a Razer Synapse issue and how the logic of using the companion app works. The companion app seizes control and Lumia doesn’t have a way to connect to the Streaming Companion App to communicate with Razer once this happens. You would think that the companion app would function like any other source and allow Razer Synapse to control it, but it appears the opposite was the pathway chosen by Razer developers. Wondering if someone has discovered a work around.

:slight_smile: I don’t think Razer wants to have Lumia in front of the companion app. So I guess there will be no workaround.

What was weird was how ‘hard’ it was just to find the software to run the display. That didn’t bode well, so I’m not surprised…it seems like a stab at the same vertical albeit convoluted. Please keep up the good work. I and my viewers really enjoy the Lumia Stream platform.

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