Police effect loop with midi commands


I’m trying to make a police effect with midi commands that will loop for a duration of 60 secs.

I haven’t been able to figure this out yet. It goes from red to blue then stops.

I have the blue midi command in the start and the red midi command in the end section.

How could I accomplish this?


Where did you set it up? I mean as an command or in an animation or reaction? Can you paste a screenshot of the settings you put in?

Hello SamWilsonTV,

I’m setting it up in the command section. I’m using midi commands in the settings. This is being sent over the lan to my system running SoundSwitch which is midi mappable.

All the solid colors work perfectly.

I wanted to setup a party command as well to run through all the colors I have mapped to different commands/messages.

This changes from blue to red and then stops, so this where you would need a loop option with a slider so you can make the midi commands loop.

I’m working with SoundSwitch support as well. It’s a bit of a challenge because I can achieve the look with Lumia, I just can’t loop it.

There is a static look function I can use in SoundSwitch which I can trigger with midi. So I changed the midi messge to turn the static look on/off instead of using the messages for red and blue to create the effect.

The new challenge is getting the static look to alternate from strobe from red to blue instead of just blue in Sound Switch.

I’ll post and update about this when resolved.

What lights do you use? Are this DMX lights or smartlights? :thinking:

My lights are DMX, but Lumia Stream is not controlling them directly.

I’m sending midi messages over the lan (wired) to my Macbook Pro which is running Serato DJ + SoundSwitch.

SoundSwitch is mapped to the midi messages being sent out by Lumia Stream which allows it trigger various colors. This works great and I am happy with the results.

The problem stems when I’m trying to create the police light effect. I also wanted to create a party like effect where it cycles through all the colors in Lumia Stream which will be another challenge.

I’m using the Static Looks function in SoundSwitch to try and achieve the police light effect. However, there is a limitation with the color assignments which I will have to work out with their support. So currently I have a strobing blue police light effect vs the red/blue strobing effect that I want.

Lumia Stream does create the police light effect if use the start and end assignments. I send blue then send red with a duration of 0.7sec inbetween. If I could loop it, that would solve the problem completely.

We may be able to create a Loop for midi, dmx, and osc in the future

Actually I just realized you already can make it loop with an animation. Just recreated the police using an animation and in the red a lot send your red midi command and in your blue slot send your blue one. And for your command / alert just add the cycles you want to go run for or even change it to duration.


This did it! Thank you for the answer, now I can make my party effect as well.

I appreciate the help very much from your both!


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Awesome, glad it worked for you