Philips Hue Gradient Signe - dynamic light movement

Hello dear Lumia Team
Hello dear community

I am new to Lumia Stream since this week and find the program great so far! (my trial period is about to expire now - but I will definitely extend :)).

I use a Philips Hue Gradient Signe floor lamp. There are many different color scenes in the Hue app - I’ve already transferred all of them to the Lumia Stream app, for example. Now you can also trigger in the Hue app that the colors of many scenes move. I have not yet been able to find this option myself in Lumia Stream. Do you know anything about this?

Thank you very much and best regards!

if you want to use native scenes you have to set up a theme in Lumia under Studio. Remember to turn fast mode off on the Hues under connections.

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