Philips Hue "Fast" connection does not even hold 24 hours

1- Version: 7.3
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium

5- Describe the bug: With my Hue connection in FAST mode, Lumia incessantly makes me edit and save my Hue connection settings to recreate the groups. This will give only a few hours of operation. Lumia will then quietly stop communicating with the Hue hub until you notice it’s been asleep for half a day upon which the group needs to be edited and saved again. This is app breaking behavior.

I figured this one out, and it may be related to an apparent change by Hue rather than a bug with Lumia.

Last year when the bridge would be in sync mode (either via Lumia in Fast Mode or via the Hue Sync app) the Hue mobile app would hold off on running automations until said sync mode ended. It seems that now, instead of holding off the automation they seemingly forcibly terminate the sync mode and run the automation. I have temporarily disabled Hue automations to test this and the issue did not repeat itself: this time Lumia is still in control.

I still can’t confirm if this is because the sync mode timed out, or Lumia incorrectly ended it or if the automations have been changed to supercede sync mode, but it does seem that Lumia’s sync mode got killed off by Hue automations.