Passing return from API call to chatbot

1- Version: 6.2.0
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible – Not really screenshot-able

5- Describe the issue: This could simply be a documentation or id10T issue but I am calling out to an API for an application I use for my stream that I am attempting to integrate with LumiaStream’s bot. The command completes successfully it seems but, I can’t seem to find a way to return the ouput from the API to the chat bot.

Chatbot receives command → Passes {{message}} and some other data to API → Event Occurs and API responds → Chatbot only gives it’s base output

I can’t get that response to be used as an output for the chatbot. I’m not sure if this is simply not possible right now and needs to be entered as a Request or if I am just not doing something correctly.

that is very specific.
Would you mind join our Discord and ask that in the custom Code channel?
There are people and the devs seeing it who have a clue about these things :wink:

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