OBS switch scene only in allowed scenes

Version: Latest
System: Windows
Account: Premium

Describe the issue:
I would like to know if its possible in anyway to use obs Set Scene only when I am in a specific set of Scenes. For example: I have the alerts set up in a way that when I get a Follow, Sub or Bits My scene will be set to the Main and then the animation plays and after that It goes back to where it was before. Now what I am asking is if there is a way to only do this when I am in specific scenes, and for example when I am in the Stream Starting or Stream Finished this animation will not be played.

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I will have a look into this.

To avoid triggering anything in start and finish scenes you can use the stream mode on/off

As far as I can see you cant do that. I read your request wrong ^^

As Lumia doesnt check on what OBS Scene you are it cant skip the alerts. The alerts come from Twitch, SE or SL not from OBS.