OBS scene enhancements

  1. OBS scene switch should be allowed only in case OBS is one of the predefined scene.
  2. OBS scene switch should remember the scene what we got before we switch to an another scene, and there should be an option to return to start scene at the end of the animation.

Scenes: Break, S1, S2, Big cam
Start scene: S1
Allowed scenes: S1, S2

a) switch to scene Big cam
b) delay 20 sec
c) return to start scene

Example 1:
a) OBS is in Break scene
→ Animation is triggered: No scene switch, as this is not allowed (viewer lost his points :frowning: or it is refunded if it is possible )

Example 2:
a) OBS is in S2 scene
→ Animation is triggered:
I) Scene S2 is remembered as start scene
II) OBS switch to scene Big cam
III) Delay 20 sec
IV) OBS switch back to start scene S2

OBS cant remember a previous scene…thats the problem there as Lumia only triggers a change and not managing the scenes.

Here is a workaround I figured out for another user before:

How to set a temporary OBS scene in Lumia without changing the dynamic default state

Oh and for your Example 1 will come a feature with the next update :wink:

But it should somehow work, as the other app I am using now (and want to switch off), is doing the same. I have about 4 “camera” scene, what is randomly switched with OBS “Advanced Scene Switcher”. So this is why I can not say, which scene is on before the viewer want to switch to 5th scene (big guitar camera in my case :slight_smile: )

So…I never checked, but maybe it is possible to ask OBS over Websocket, how the actual scene is called? And Lumia has to remember, what was the scene and switch back to that one at the end of the animation.

With this, you could get the actual scene and store it before a scene change. And with the scene switch option “back to start scene” it will be possible to get back the original scene.

If this works you can put it in in Lumia with the RAW JSON option in the obs tab

What app do u use with this?

I am using Better points:


I like if Lumia know this as default (the back to start scene option) :slight_smile:

I would like to ask some things going to far for the forum… if you would add me on Discord :slight_smile: Cant send a request