Numpad Key Binding error?

1- Version: 6.1.6
2- System: Windows 11
3- Account: Premium

5- Describe the bug: I was setting up Hotkey, trying to set up my number pad as keys, When you click them they “say they are set as the number pad key used” however when you use the effect it ends up running it as if it was a normal number key and this seems to happen for anything on the number pad - + ext. Exp: of issues I run a program that uses hot keys on the number pad to change settings in my vtuber program, when it runs on Lumia the hot keys don’t work, I even opened a note pad to see if lumia was even doing the hot key at all, and it was however it wasn’t activating the change, I changed the hotkeys in the vtuber program to keyboard numbers run lumia again and then it worked. So this makes me believe that its not putting the number pad as its own keys when executing, instead using the normal keys. This is an issue as allot of streamers myself include use the number pad keys to make it less likely to trigger other things, and I’ve moved the hot key to other things that Lumia can “see/use” properly now. But its annoying to lose part of my keyboard just because lumia doesn’t use the numpad as if its different keys from the normal number keys.

Because this seems like a bug or an oversight I thought I’d bring it up because I’ve only been using lumia a few weeks and its already drastically improved my stream quality an i really love it. If this isn’t a bug I’m not sure why it works this way when most programs see the numpad keys as unique keys(lumia even shows them as new keys in text but not in function for some reason.)

Can you show me an example of what you set up that doesn’t work? Screenshot the key/mouse output you set.

I’ll see if I can make a quick video showing the issue when I get off work later tonight.

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