No default state after Event

1- Version: 7.5.0
2- System: Windows 10 Enterprise
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot

5- Hello Support Team

Unfortunately Lumina is not working properly for me anymore (since the last update? I’m not sure when this error appeared). As already described in the title, after triggering an event (new follower, subs etc.), Lumina no longer jumps back to the set default color purple. It doesn’t work at all for scenes or themes. Even when I click on a shortcut, nothing works. Only after about 5 minutes can I restore the original state.
The event log shows that it triggers the default state and is also executed (font = green) But nothing happens. This is very annoying as it used to work without any problems. The LED Stripes used are all of the same type and all have a fixed IP in my network.

What´s the Problem here?

Thanks for your help.

I put over 6 hours now trying to understand why my light dosent change :person_shrugging::grinning:

They change 2 to 4 times then nothing… even on premium ( yeah I’m enough stupid to think that was the problem :rofl: )

it’s really sad. forum is dead and you get no support. i’m thinking about canceling the subscription. if the automation of the program doesn’t work (which it did a few updates ago), it’s useless in my opinion. too bad.

On my side… I find the probleme.
I was creating command to fast so app dont accept changing light that fast.

Yes… I think they use other user to help so less job for them!
For a 100% free app ok but when you can pay, they need to have people to help!

Sorry for the delay. Actually there should be a message that support happens through Discord as it is way easier than through a forum.

But I think we handled this already in Discord, if I am right.