New MIDI inputs not working at all, Lumia giving false duplicate input errors

1- Version: 6.4.0
2- System: Mac
3- Account: Premium

5- Describe the bug:
There’s two things going on here… when I try to create a new MIDI input, it simply does not work. My pre-existing Note-On commands all still work, but new items simply do not trigger. Yes, I have refreshed, restarted, and checked the correct note, velocity, channel, etc.

Second, when editing a MIDI input trigger, I will occasionally get the error that " This input control must be unique. You already have an input control with these input values" when there ARE no other MIDI inputs with those input values.

At first I thought Lumia wasn’t differentiating between note-on and note-off input values (which it isn’t, it thinks those are the same thing apparently). But occasionally when editing a MIDI command I’ll get that error for something that does not share a note-on or note-off value with any other command.

Thanks for reporting this. I am already looking into it

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