My govee lamps only work for a few seconds, then bug

1- Version: 6.1.3
2- System: Windows 10
3- Account: Premium

5- Describe the bug: I manage to connect my 4 govee lamps, they work for a few seconds, then remain frozen in one color and apart from putting a new API (which I have done at least 3 / 4 times) and it has the same problem , I think it’s because I have too many lamps connected at the same time, when I only had one lamp, it bugged less, and the more lamps I added, the more it was messing up, and the application tells me outright “check the connection of your govee lamps” I do not see where the problem comes from, I have already checked the whole forum but there is no solution to my problem.

Can you tell me where the problem comes from, and if there is a solution, please?


From Lumia’s side, that shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Either your color changes are too fast and they clog up or it’s once again a limitation Govee puts on their users through their API.

I would try to reconnect the lights (delete them everywhere, reset and connect from scratch) and try slower color changes and if they still clog up, reach out to Govee via Socials and Support and ask them what’s the problem.

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