Mostly never work

1- Version: 7.5.0
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium

5- Describe the issue:
Where to start… I try to make it work for over a month here and there.
Today, tired of seing the app change light 3 or 4 times then stop work I was like ok I will take the premium Lumia you win! People on my stream can’t wait to use it!! So…
I buy, restart and let’s… Nopez nothing.

I have to close the app, open it and MAYBE it will change light 3 or 4 times then nothing more :person_shrugging:.

I’m over 3 hours of trying just this month…
Someone can help?

** What ever what I try to do it won’t work ( in chat, in shortcut… what ever )
I just pay for something so boring… help

This can be handled easier in Discord.

As we can exchange more info and screenshots easier and directly.

But it sounds like you are using a Govee Cloud connection which is limited to 10 changes per minute