LumiaStream doesn't send messages in Twitch chat

1- Version: 6.0.0, and a few versions before
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue:
Lumia Stream bot is no longer sending messages to my chat.

Issue has persisted for the entirety of this month as the issue began before I renewed my subscription last time and it is about to renew again (maybe, I use this as a convenience and am capable of doing these controls otherwise, please fix)

Reconnect your Twitch connection in Lumia

I’ve done this easily a half dozen times since the issue began.

I’ve just done it once again and nothing has changed regarding this matter.

The bot is in my chat. The bot does not talk. The bot is not timed-out or banned.

LumiaStream does the channel point redemptions assigned to it and responds to chat commands. The bot does not talk.

The bot has several reasons why it should talk. It does everything else in any given command wherein it should output to my chat, and yet it does not output to my chat.

Show me your chatbot page please (full page)

And go to settings->advanced tick the “allow beta releases” checkbox and try the 6.0.1-Beta please.


Still no chat from the bot

the chat bot page from that redeem specifically