Lumia Stream won't connect to BroadLink RM4 - Lock Message

1- Version: 6.4.0/6.45 beta
2- System: Windows 10
3- Account:Premium
4- Screenshot if possible

5- Describe the issue: I cannot connect my Broadlink RM4 Pro, it still states the device is locked even though it is unlocked.

Lumia Stream can find the RM4 and add it , so there is definitely something else at play. I have verified the device lock is turned off.

I’m wondering is there any logs I can check for Lumia Stream that will help me identify what the problem is?

I have successfully connected the unit to the wifi. I was able to configure the light I was trying to control. It learned the remote codes via the Broadlink phone app and functions normally.

I have other connectors working in Lumia stream over the network so I don’t believe this is a firewall/router issue. However, I’m still investigating this as well.

Just as for troubleshooting purposes. I put the system on wireless to rule out the ethernet → wifi connection block issue.

It still will not connect.

We will release in the coming days a hotfix where Broadlink is fixed :wink:

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WICKED!!! YESS!!! Then I can integrate my party cup I made.

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