Lumia Stream to Lightkey Issues

1- Version: 6.1.6
2- System: Mac
3- Account: Premium

5- I’m having some trouble getting Lumia stream to send signal consistently to my lighting controller Lightkey (running on the same macbook pro). I connect Lumia Stream to “Lightkey Input” via MIDI, and everything interfaces correctly, but as soon as I close Lumia and reboot it for another stream, the two programs act like they’ve never met before. I get this error message from Lumia on reboot: “Could not connect to midi port, make sure ports Lightkey Input are open and try again”

After some more reboots and adjusting the MIDI settings on Lumia I’m usually able to get them to talk again (which requires re-assigning the MIDI port on all my Lumia commands) but every time I close Lumia and restart it the problem returns. Any idea what’s going on or how I can avoid having to re-assign all MIDI ports before every stream?

Already handled in Discord