Lumia stream problem with magichome

Hello ! I have a problem with my connected leds Magic Home, which connects to lumia stream but does not want to react to my effects or even react all short, I tested on my computer, laptop nothing works, on phone with the app it works very well but it’s really on lumia stream even connected it does not want to make any change although I have the premium

My led:

Thanks you

Supported brands and light

it’s supported, this is the problem

Well…I don’t understand the french Amazon site but I see that your linked lights have a totally different controller.

This is the one we can say that they will work:

And this is the one you showed us:

I can’t help but I see two different products.

Nevertheless… can you show me your connection page of Lumia in a screenshot? Click the pen of your connection and show me that screenshot as well. Also a screenshot of your Dashboard. Full pages please

Thanks you for the help

So if you put as default state a color? It doesn’t change to that color?

Yes exactly

Well…I would need to ask you to come to our discord and open a ticket… I think we need have a deeper look at this.