Lumia Stream HUD Endabled - Taskbar Invisible when I tab out

1-Version 7.5.0
2-System: Windows
3-Account: Premium

When the Lumia Stream HUD is enabled the taskbar is invisible when I tab out. Is there any way to fix this other than disabling the HUD? See the Screencap below.

Right click your task bar and open the task bar settings please.

Please also open the last tab as well and make a screenshot of your settings

Hi Sam, please see a screenshot of my taskbar settings below.

I should also note this only happens when in a game.

Sorry, for the delay. A fever got me and makes it hard to have a look if I can reproduce this.
But I will be with you again as soon as I can look straight again :wink:

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All good, I appreciate the help :slight_smile: