Lumia not connecting with WYZE

1- Version: 5.3.0
2- System: Windows
3- Account: Premium

5- Describe the issue:

  • Im trying to connect my WYZE lights to Lumia but when I go to sign into my WYZE account I get the “Wyze credentials were incorrect. Please try to enter it again”. I am inputing the correct information.

Please Help. Thank You.

Hmm, have you tried resetting your password on the wyze app?

I have just tried resetting my password on the wyze app and its still not working.

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Had the same problem. I reset my password. signed out and in again to make sure i was typing it right. when lumia asks me to sign into my WYZE account, it says my email and password is still wrong. so it wont connect. real road blocker.

Hey Emily,

the problem is we can’t reproduce it. Our two internals with Wyze both don’t have this issue. The dev is looking into it but we couldn’t find anything yet.
We know that this is annoying…so it is for us. You can believe that. :frowning:

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